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Jamelia Donaldson

Tressure Tress

The fabulous Jamelia is the CEO and founder of Tressure Tress. Founded in 2015 to equip young girls on the knowledge of their natural hair. Jamelia is taking over FFF’s Insta on the 28th of March to share her story and what life in the day of a founder looks like.

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Rachel Carrell

Kora Kids

Rachel has built a business around a personal problem she faced,  the lack of child care available for working mothers. Rachel has featured on BBC, Stylist, ITV and more and will be doing a live Instagram Q&A on the 4th of April.

Amy Sturgis

Cinta The Lable

Amy is a fashion inspiration and has recently gone solo to break into the fashion industry. Cinta The Lable London has been really involved in New York and London fashion week and would love to hire a PA through FFF.

Alessandra Sollberger

Ever More Health

Alessandra is a serial entrepreneur and investor who decided to do things differently. Alessandra is also the Founder of Evermore Health, the functional nutrition brand and the youngest member of the Oxford degree’s advisory board. Alessandra is taking over our Instagram in April to share her story.

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